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Guitar Cases

Our guitar cases are custom built to the customer's individual requirements - they are not standard size cases which are then padded out to suit.

"Just to confirm that I have received my flight case, and I am extremely pleased with it!  It's a perfect fit, and a product of excellent workmanship.  Considering you only had my dodgy cardboard template to work with, I think the product and fast service are great.  How refreshing in this day and age to actually get what you order on time with no hassle!  Very rare ... I certainly won't hesitate to recommend you to all my buddies in the Rock biz." - Re Bethe, (RITUAL1973.com)



by Re Bethe

Fender Stratocaster

"Just to let you know that I got the case, and it's a perfect fit.  Thanks a lot."  -  Finn Andrews




B C Rich (Beast)

"Great cases arrived bang on time, perfect fits, band out on tour.
Thanks for the great service.  Steve
-   Stephen A. Foreman, (Sapphire.com)

Mandolin / Mando cello  


Built to full flight specification using
black 9" diamond board and fully fitted interior


Each guitar case is individually cut out via our vast range of templates to ensure a perfect fit to whatever guitar you possess.

Once the lid is clamped down, your guitar is completely encased in foam and absolutely protected
Six Stringed Guitars
Bass Guitars

    140.00 excluding VAT
    147.00 excluding VAT
    Price on application 



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