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R J Flytes specialize in the design and manufacture of custom-made flight cases and transit cases for industries ranging from the musical and medical, through broadcasting and  entertainment to the electronic and scientific.

We recognize that your equipment, whether a valuable and irreplaceable musical instrument or a highly sensitive piece of outside broadcasting equipment, deserves the highest level of protection possible during transportation, to ensure that your performance is available when and where you want it.


Standard guitar racks
Floating and suspended racks
Tophat design combo cases
Guitars - Mandolins -
Keyboards -  FX pedals

Stack and roll cases
Brass & wind instruments
P/As & Mixer Desks
Lighting rigs
Plasma Screens
Display  Equipment
Scientific & Medical Equipment

Museum Displays & Artefacts

Museum Artwork
Mobile photography cases
Display/exhibition cases
Offshore cases **



Our flight cases are therefore built using the highest possible standard  of workmanship and materials, with the customer's personal requirements and usage in mind.  This wealth of industry experience means that we are able deliver complete protection for your goods at the most cost effective price possible.

All our flight cases carry a five-year guarantee and can often be delivered within 5 working days from acceptance of order.


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Sound Equipment - Amplifiers and CABs

19" Racks
Computer equipment

Plasma Screens


The range of flight cases and transit cases which we manufacture includes guitar cases, keyboard cases, 19 inch racks, computer cases, plasma screen cases, road trunks, suspended racks, exhibition sound & lighting cases, theatre, display, mobile photography cases, display/exhibition cases, conference, storage cases, instrument cases, equipment cases, tool boxes, lightweight cases, equipment cases, suspended cases, touring cases, musical instrument cases, sound equipment cases, rack cases, p.a. system cases, transport cases, heavy duty cases, presentation cases, wardrobe cases,  fx pedal cases, medical cases, offshore cases and many one-off custom built cases.
These are some industries we've supplied cases for
: audio, visual, entertainment, film, TV, communications, aviation, sport, arts, education, travel, medical, electronic, industrial, music, scientific, telecommunications.

** Offshore cases have stainless steel fittings and are designed for use in conditions exposed to the elements, including salt water.

 Some Rock & Roll Clients  Some Corporate Clients:
 Paul Rodgers (Free)  Students' Union
 Peter Green ( Fleetwood Mac)  English, Welsh + Scottish rugby clubs
 Paul Young  F1 Racing
 Jethro Tull  Channel 4 TV (Cannes Film Festival)
 The Undertakers  General Electric
 Andy Wild (Edison Lighthouse)  Sony U.K.
 Mickey Crawte (Glitter Band)  Fronto Media (Nelson Mandela)
 Orson  M.F.I. Computer Division
 Terrorvision  Fujitsu Computers
 Black Sabbath Studios  Audi
 Peavey (The 3 Vs Tour)  Red Arrows
 James Taylor Quartet  Marshall & Peavey


Unit 6, Specialised Assemblies Complex,
Higham Road, Burton Latimer, Northants.,  NN15 5PU
Tel: 01536 723451;   Mobile: 07889 334993;   E-mail: sales@rjflytes.co.uk

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